Considering Writing an eBook? Avoid These Top 3 Mistakes

So, you’re writing an eBook? Congratulations! There might be a few things you hadn’t thought of, though, that can place your eBook into the world of forgotten, never-bought eBooks. There are plenty of them sticking around on Amazon. Don’t be another author hoping to make thousands from your eBook, but barely scraping up pennies. Here are a few mistakes to avoid:

Only Wanting to Make Money from It

Of course, you write because you want to make money. But, some authors are so focused on making money that they forget that their eBook can come in handy for other things too. Have you built up a list of email subscribers? If not, your eBook can be the perfect tool to capture email addresses. You’ll have to give it away for free, though. Still, you could potentially multiply your email list to get more leads for future books by giving it away for free.

Don’t discount giving your readers something for free to up your social footprint. Think about the long term. I’m not saying to give away a 200-page book for free. Make it a shortened version of something you want to put up for sale later. The fact that it’s free will be enough to get some people to jump.

Writing About a Topic That You Love

Create what your audience wants
Source: via Pexels / Modified by Amy Boyington

It’s great to be passionate about things, but your passion isn’t always going to bring you sales. You have to focus on what your audience wants more than what you want. Create a survey with a few potential topic ideas. Let them vote on the one they’d most like to see from you. That’s the one to go for because it’s a topic that genuinely presses on some sort of pain point your readers have.

Trying to Do It All Alone

A lot of writers think they’re too good to make mistakes. They think they either don’t need an editor or that they’ll be able to make edits themselves once they create a draft. After all, it’ll save a bunch of money if you don’t need to pay for an editor, right?

Nope. Would you recommend a book to a friend if it’s littered with errors? I wouldn’t. You’re setting yourself up for a failed book if you decide to go the self-edit route. It’s always a good idea – even if you’re a writer and editor – to have someone else read your work. They’re unbiased and can give you genuine advice that you can’t give yourself. Do yourself a favor and hire an editor before you publish.