How to Cope During the Last Few Weeks of School

School has amassed all its wrath to throw at you. Your final essays are all due, you have three group projects, and exams are looming on the horizon like the shadow of a final boss. Beyond it is the idyllic reward of Christmas Break… but only if you survive.

What’s a poor, stressed-out student to do?

Don’t Panic

Don't panic when transit shuts down
The world is falling apart, isn’t that a lovely feeling?

Panicking is never good for anybody, especially if they’re in school. It leads to shutting down in a haze of anxiety and depression, not to mention forgetting to do things.

Just breathe.

The first thing to do is tell yourself that everything is going to be fine. You will get everything organized, you will finish everything you need to do, and you will pass your classes. School will not break you.