Fire at Trump Tower: Three Injuries – Oh No!

Trump Tower Fire

President Trump’s infamous Trump Tower was the scene of a rooftop fire early today. Smoke billowed from the top of the building and emergency workers quickly extinguished the flames. It was Secret Service agents that first noticed the blaze and alerted the building’s management. 911 was called in the wee hours of the morning.

It took about an hour to put the fire out and the president was not in his New York penthouse at the time. It is unknown if any other members of the Trump family were in the building at the time of the fire. A firefighter and two civilians suffered minor injuries due to the blaze.

The inside structure of the Trump Tower is intact as the fire was limited to the rooftop only and no fire or smoke reached inside. It was later determined that the small electrical fire was inside the building’s cooling tower. The cause of the blaze remains under investigation. Trump Tower was the setting for The Apprentice, the reality show once hosted by President Trump.

Eric Trump tweeted that the New York Fire Department did an incredible job of putting out the fire and arrived in minutes. He went on to say the men and women of the fire department are true heroes and deserve thanks and praise.

Even though the fire at President Trump’s New York residence was quickly extinguished, he has been fanning the flames surrounding the release of Fire and Fury Inside the Trump – White House,  the book by Michael Wolff which was released January 5, 2018. The book details the conduct of the president and his staff since they have set up shop in the White House.

The book has come under fire by staff members and the president himself for being factually incorrect. The author, Wolff, stands by his depiction of the Trump White House.