Creating a Freelance Writing Business From Scratch

freelance writing business
Source: Pixabay

You might be a broke college student, have a day job, or a be a stay at home Mom. You may have discovered that freelance writing is a way to bring in extra income or even become your full-time gig. It is definitely possible to start from the ground up and make extra money while writing for others. Here are some tips on creating a freelance writing business from scratch.

  1. Plan. Are you going to be part time or full time? You need to decide how much time you will be spending on your business. What kind of services are you going to offer? How much will you charge? Are you going to be a ghostwriter or copywriter? Are you going to write in a specific niche?
  2. Get the legalities of your business in order. You’ll still need to do things like pay taxes, even being a freelance writer. Make sure you research this before getting started.
freelance writing busiiness
Source: Pixabay
  1. Create a portfolio. If you don’t have any experience, a good way to do this is a freelance writer website. It needs to include a bio, your contact information, your services, and a blog that shows off your writing. You can also pitch bloggers and see if you can guest post on their website.
  2. Get clients. There are numerous gig sites out there that you can bid on jobs. You can also utilize social media and cold emailing. There may also be work available from your community. Get creative.

Starting a freelance business is hard work, but it is worth it. Following these tips will give you the framework to get started freelance writing. Working from home is a dream for many, and you can make it a reality if you stay focused. Don’t give up easily and keep track of any failures and successes.