Google Deep Dream Goes Fear And Loathing

Have you heard about Google Deep Dream and what people are putting into it?

So image about the worst nightmare you could have. Picture this, you are driving through the desert with Hunter S. Thompson who has just fed you a strange liquid and given you an adrenal gland to chew on and before you know it you are making love to demons in an orgy of hallucinatory color? It’s what Hunter S. Thompson called “Fear and Loathing.”

But what would this Fear and Loathing look like in real life? Well it turns out that Google has the answer. Recently the brain trust at Google developed a complex algorithm called Google Deep Dream that develops random dreamlike images.

Sure you could put a picture of you and your dog into Google Deep Dream to see what you both might look like melting into each other and examining the details with your third eye. But what a group of sick and twisted people did was upload hardcore images into Google Deep Dream. The first person to upload a dirty image into Google Deep Dream must have been excited to see how Google would dream a skin flick.

What they got back started a craze and “Dirty Deep Dream” was born. But before you get all high and mighty, you must look at the images. Some are beautiful in a way we could never have dreamed.

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