Selfless Act After a Bad Breakup Made Homeless Families Cry Tears of Joy

Some people are just plain awesome. Sarah Cummins is one of those people. After calling off the wedding she had been planning for two years, she realized she couldn’t cancel her reception without forfeiting her deposit. So despite being upset over her breakup, Cummins decided to donate the food to several homeless shelters in Carmel, Indiana, where the reception was to be held.

Talk about doing a selfless deed.

She didn’t go into detail about why she called off her nuptials a week before the big day, but she was sure she didn’t want the food to go to waste. So Cummins made a decision to do the most amazing thing, invite 170 local homeless individuals to dinner at the Ritz Charles.

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Source: Pxhere

In spite of all her sadness, the Purdue University graduate student wanted to have a happy memory to take away from what should have been her wedding day. And here’s the kicker. There will be cake. The only thing that has changed at the reception hall is no gift table and no table for the bridal party. She even arranged to have buses pick up her guests from the local shelters and bring them to the dinner.

Local businesses donated clothing for the guests to wear and Cummins was at the door to greet them when they arrived. It was an opportunity to turn her misfortune into an amazing blessing for those in need and invite them to a place many have never seen the inside of before. She wanted her guests to know that they deserved to be in a place like that as much as anyone else.

So all we can say is Sarah Cummins is a wonderful, giving person. Her act of selflessness made the night of so many. To put it in easy terms, she rocks!