The iPhone Stun Gun Is Absolutely Stunning!

The “Stun Gun bill” is revolutionizing self-defense in the USA. The increasing fear of terrorism, violence and personal attacks resulted in constant demand for sophisticated and effective stun guns. Simon Wright, an ambitious entrepreneur, decided to take stun guns to the next level with his new invention: The iPhone Stun Gun.

The device design looks exactly like iPhone, but is actually a stun gun.

the istun looks like iphone but is stun gun

Jerry Welch, a weapons expert, answered our questions regarding this innovative device.

Hi Jerry, can you please tell us what a stun gun does?

A stun gun is a device used to immobilize an attacker without causing any serious injury, typically by administering an electric shock. The stun guns have been designed to look like iPhones. The weapons look identical to an Apple iPhone and are capable of firing a 80,000 volt shock.

This device is available online, and available in China, USA, Germany and many more countries.

How does the iPhone stun gun work?

Quite simple [sic], the iPhone Stun Gun has a buttons [sic] at the top which discharges an electric shock from two metal pin points at the top, fired by what are normally the volume buttons. It has electrodes at the top, with the electric charge which will be triggered by the phone volume buttons. It was done in iPhone style. If held against the body, it can knock the victim out and even kill in some cases by stopping the heart.


Why someone would like the iPhone Stun Gun?

The answer may be different to different iPhone stun gun users. Some say is for their own defense against unexpected attack, some say it is for their own personal safety.

Some of the disadvantages of iPhone stun gun:

  • It has been used by criminal gangs on rivals, by paralyzing their victim’s muscles, causing momentary agony without any visible scar on the victim.
  • Drug dealers have taken advantage of the iPhone stun gun by threatening people with it.
  • It can be mistaken as a kid’s toy.
  • Another bad effect of this iPhone stun gun is the fact that it can be put it in one’s pocket; now, users are at risk of shocking themselves.
  • It can incapacitate, and also cause death to people.