Largest Cash Seizures Ever Recorded – Dirty Money Seized Every Time

All around the world, you will hear stories on the local news networks of crimes being committed. They range from some truly heinous crimes to small town robberies. Some of the best eye-catching news involve cash seizures. Plenty of dirty money gets seized every year. These news stories will grip the town and sometimes even a nation, as you can hear wide sums of money being accounted for during a raid. If you have been around long enough, you have had your jaw dropped by some of the most ludicrous amounts of money that is seized from criminal organizations. Here are some of the largest cash seizures ever recorded!

Meth Mexico

dirty money from drugs seized
Source: Wikipedia

Mexico is the land of beautiful beaches, women, tequila and is historical for one of the biggest cash seizures ever. This seizure occurred in 2007 but the case was on in 2006 when the police had seized 20 tons of pseudoephedrine, one of the main ingredients in the meth cocktail. This lead to an epic investigation which had an epic conclusion. In the end, US and Mexican authorities seized over 200 million dollars! We learned from this seizure that crime rings can stem world-wide as two of the criminals that were arrested were Chinese citizens. In the end, crime doesn’t pay.

High in Miami

Marijuana Grow op Police seizure
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The scene is Miami, Florida. The sunshine state where orange is the color of the day. Well, not in this fateful day as that color of the day was green. A bit of a dirty green, too since it was all about the dirty money. How much green? We are talking about 24 million dollars. You may say that’s small time compared to the above, but this cash seizure was from one criminal. Investigators had found out that Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez was running a marijuana trafficking operation into Tennessee and his success was shown in a hidden room. 24 million dollars stuffed into buckets was now seized by the DEA. What a wild world.