Mark Zuckerberg is Trying Not to Waste Any More of Your Time

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want to waste anyone’s time on Facebook (Wait – isn’t that the point of it?). Apparently, Facebook wants to make its users happy. After the majority of them said that they wanted to see fewer ads and business content and more of their family and friends’ updates in their newsfeeds. Facebook is now making it happen. New newsfeed changes are coming, folks.

How Is Facebook Changing?

Facebook connecting families
Source: geralt via Pixabay

According to an interview with Wired in which Adam Mosseri, the Facebook VP who handles the Facebook newsfeed, you should start seeing changes in your news feed soon. More specifically, your Aunt Sally’s posts and pregnant friends will have top priority in your feed rather than videos, FB page posts, or updates from your favorite businesses.

It’s all a part of the effort to make Facebook’s content more meaningful. By seeing more content from people you know, Facebook hopes that you’ll engage with it more. It seems that Facebook is trying to steer away from the clutter that tends to come from sponsored content and shared videos and focus more on bringing people together. After all, that was the main reason for the social network to begin with.

Here’s the Real Benefit, Though

Facebook news feed changes
Source: kalhh via Pixabay

Some people just don’t want to use Facebook for interacting with their family and friends. They do that enough in real life. If you’re one of those people, these news feed changes could impact you in a good way.

You know all those people that scam the system by promoting ridiculous videos and news articles that are sure to go viral because of shock value? This is typically the content that people react to and comment on, which currently gives it a higher value according to Facebook’s algorithm. The upcoming news feed changes will prevent at least some of this foolishness from happening.

You may still see some of this stuff as you scroll. But, it won’t be as in-your-face as it was before. You might actually even get a chance to read some important conversations that happen on Facebook between people you know instead of reading ridiculous conversations in the comments section of a viral video.

And, if the news feed messes up how often you’re seeing posts from your favorite pages, you can still have some control. Just visit the page, find the ‘Follow’ section at the top, and choose ‘See First’. The content will have priority in your news feed.