3 Creative Ways to Save Money That You Can Start Doing Right Now

Finances tight? Here are 3 creative ways to save money:

1. Revamp leftovers

Source: Flickr

When money is tight, a little food goes a long way. Rather than throwing out your leftovers, revamp them and use them for a second meal. Fry up leftover pasta or vegetables, add some spices, do whatever you have to to make yourself eat those leftovers.

And this doesn’t just apply to food: with a little creativity, you can revamp other things, like clothes and furniture, so you don’t have to spend money on new stuff. Rather than running to the store when your shirt gets a hole in it, dig out that good old-fashioned sewing kit and stitch it back up so you can wear it another day. Use duct tape on your shoes, or waterproof your boots so you don’t have to buy new ones when the rainy season hits. Making do with what you have is one of the most efficient ways to save money.