4 Financial Moves You Should Make This January

By mid-January, the sting of holiday overspending starts to set in.  Your budget gets a little tighter, and your regret reaches peak levels.  More than anything else on your resolution list, you want to get your finances in order.  January is the perfect time to do it.  The financial moves you make this month will set the pace for the rest of the year, both literally and figuratively.

Revisit your 2017 spending

financial moves assessment
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Specifically, look at your holiday spending.  Where did you go overboard?  Where did you stay on track?  And how can you offset your mistakes during January?  Even though you left the holidays behind in 2017, your spending from this period can put a real damper on 2018.  Take the time to assess your expenses so you can course correct before you end up in serious debt.