Want to Avoid High ATM Fees? Don’t Live in These 5 Cities

Avoid high atm fees in these cities
Source: mali maeder via Pexels

If you’re one of those people who still prefers to have some cash in your pocket instead of relying on credit cards, you know that an ATM can quickly give you what you need. Have you ever looked at your receipt, though, to check out the cost of the fee you just paid? Usually, when you don’t use your own bank’s ATM, you end up paying an ATM fee plus a bank fee. Those ATM fees can be hefty! In fact, they’ve hit an all-time high in 2017, averaging $4.69 per transaction. The worst part? You’re basically charged to take your own money. If you want to avoid that nonsense, here are the worst cities in terms of ATM fees. Or, at least, ones in which you should avoid withdrawing money from an ATM! This is the essential guide to avoid high ATM fees.

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