Black Friday Coming To Us Too Soon? What Deals Are There?

Black Friday in Your Area

Each year Black Friday seems to be creeping into our lives sooner and sooner. This year Halloween was barely over before the first Black Friday deals were being offered. Yesterday Amazon began their “Countdown to Black Friday” event. This event will go on for 52 days and will offer customers special and limited deals.

While for now these deals are more of a warm up. The true deals that consumers are looking for won’t hit the stores or Amazon until after Veterans Day. Getting down to the nitty gritty will have to wait until the week of Black Friday and of course, for Cyber Monday.

The deals on Amazon won’t even end there though. Amazon plans on continuing these unique deals until December 22nd. This provides an opportunity for last minute deals that are purchased to reach your home in the promised two day shipping of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Deals

Amazon is promising special Black Friday deals that will change daily. These limited time offers will bring people back to the site often, hopefully enhancing their sales. Yesterday Amazon kicked off the even by making special sale prices for their Kindles and on televisions. Today the Kindle is still on sale but the other selective items seem to be a bit more random.

Be careful when navigating the site though. It is easy to scroll past the deals and start looking through things that are not on sale. Amazon has also conveniently placed special daily offers on this page but they are separate from the ones that are offered on their “Countdown to Black Friday” event.


New Amazon Features

These new and improved Black Friday deals aren’t the only things that are being offered this year. The Amazon app has received a new update that is sure to help with your holiday shopping needs. The first new feature can help you make better decisions on where you want to purchase your gifts. By taking a picture of an item, the app will search for it on Amazon. This will allow you to make an instant price comparison and could save you some money.

The second feature allows you to look inside your box from Amazon without even having to open it. If you scan the barcode on the box it will pull up what is hiding within it. This could come in handy when you are getting ready to wrap presents or if someone is in the room that can’t see what lies inside the package.