5 Investing Tips To Boost Your Portfolio in 2016

What defines an election year in the United States when it comes to investment? Uncertainty!

Never in the history of politics has the uncertainty looked so disparate. If you were to try and predict the results of the Republican and Democrat primaries by activity on social media then in 2016 Americans should brace themselves to choose between Donald J. Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Even with American politics aside 2016 is shaping up to be a year in which we are going to see volatility. Volatility isn’t always a bad thing but you have to know how to play the game or in the case of 2016 even know what the game is going to be.

On that happy investor note lets look at 5 tips to keep your money safe and growing in 2016!

1| Get Political

bernie sanders talks and argues with donald trump
Who will keep your money safer, Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders? Lets hope we don’t need to find out.

I’m sorry but I’m not feeling the Bern nor do I believe Donald Trump even knows what it means to make America great again. So what’s a “business as usual” moderate and investor supposed to do when things aren’t looking like business as usual?

In much different ways both choices are scary prospects for smart investors. Both candidates represent extremes which could send your portfolio down the toilet. They are both wildcards and investors won’t know how to recreate if either makes it into the White House.

At this point I’d take another Bush or a Clinton in the White House, but the realty TV nature of our politics seems to be pushing us towards one of two incautious candidates: an internationally despised Fascist blowhard or a card carrying socialist who plans to dismantle Wall Street.

If we do end up being forced to choose between Trump and Sanders in 2016 you may just want to convert your entire portfolio into gold ingots and bury them in your backyard.

More so than any other year investors are going to have to stay on top of the political game and watch as the house of cards shifts. Those that react wisely will do just fine. Those that don’t could be entrusting their portfolio to volatility like we’ve never seen before.