Four of the Craziest Purchases of the Ultra Rich!

What would you do if you had millions to burn? Would you buy designer clothes? A sports car? Would you hire maids to attend to your every need? Here is a list of four rich millionaires and billionaires who weren’t satisfied with living in the conventional laps of luxury. These rich men revolutionized how to drop a few bucks and do it in style.

1. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

In 2013, Bezos made a massive construction proposal to the city of Seattle to build what are essentially massive biospheres in the bustling downtown area. Over the past few years, the domes have started to take shape, becoming permanent fixtures on Seattle’s skyline. The complex will be five stories tall and will contain offices, dining areas, and retail space. The dome will also have over 300 plants from 30 different countries and even a waterfall. Because the project will not be finished until 2017, the actual final cost is yet to be known, but some think that it may end up having the most expensive price tag in Seattle real estate history.

2. James Cameron, Film Director Made Rich From Titanic, Avatar

James Cameron’s obsession with the ocean does not stop at his megahit Titanic. In fact, the superstar director also is a respected deep sea explorer. On March 26, 2012, Cameron piloted the Deepsea Challenger, a single occupant deep diving submarine. He reached the bottom of Challenger Deep which is the deepest part of the Marianna Trench. The Marianna Trench is known as the deepest point on Earth. The director was only the second person to have accomplished such a feat.

3. Alisher Usmanov, Founder of Metalloinvest

In 2012, flamboyant Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov became the owner of Europe’s largest private jet. He purchased an entire Airbus 340. After being lavishly furnished, it was rumored to cost the entrepreneur around $500 million. The Airbus 340 generally operates as a commercial aircraft carrier and can seat up to 350 passengers. Though the number seems astounding, it is technically only a drop in the bucket for the billionaire whose fortune is estimated to be around $15.8 billion.

4. Howard Hughes, Legendary Businessman and Movie Producer


Howard Hughes is usually regarded as the seminal “eccentric rich person”. One of his most shocking deals came during his fabled time in Las Vegas. When Hughes first decided to change his residency to Vegas, he rented the entire top floor of the Desert Inn for himself and his employees. After some time, the manager of the casino decided that he had had enough of Hughes and his entourage. They slapped them with an eviction notice. This incensed the businessman, and he came back with an offer to buy the hotel for some $13 million— a fortune back in 1966.