Walmart Holiday Toy List Will Have Your Kids BEGGING!

September 1st is the day that people start getting excited for the holiday seasons that are right around the corner. Not only did Starbucks release the pumpkin spice latte already, the Walmart holiday toy list was reveled.

On it, there are 25 top projected toys that your children will be asking for this holiday season. Six of these toys will be exclusive to Walmart, which will offer all the toys online or in stores. These toys cover the needs of boys and girls of all ages. Here are some of the best bets on this year’s Walmart Holiday Toy List!

Pie Face Showdown!

The “Pie Face Showdown!” game is sure to offer children hours of fun. Holding true to its name, the loser gets a pie to the face. The pie in this case is whipped cream, but still a sweet snack. To win, all you have to do is push the button the fastest. This even makes it easy for adults to play after some holiday celebration (and some drinks).



With the release of Rogue One: a Star Wars Story in December, all Star Wars related toys are sure to fly off the shelves. Walmart’s holiday toy list followed suit and includes the Star Wars electronic R2D2. This clever robot can move around and responds to your voice. It even has commands conveyed through movements or phrases. This makes it the perfect gift for aspiring Jedi’s.

No License Required!


For the princess in your life, Walmart has an exclusive gift for her. The Disney Princess Carriage is a battery-operated vehicle that can fit two princesses inside. Complete with a heart shaped wheel, tiara and all pink interior and exterior, it is sure to make your little girl happy. The carriage takes a 24 volt battery and is projected to last 45 minutes. This will give you time to open your own presents and clean up the discarded wrapping paper.

Better Than Jurassic Park

For younger children, the Walmart holiday toy list offers a prehistoric treasure. The Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex is two and a half feet tall. A series of buttons can bring this dinosaur to life. It can rear up to its full height, chomp and walk. You can make the T-rex shoot projectiles at the figures that come with it as well.

This Holiday Season brought to you by Walmart

Last year Walmart made $626.1 billion in November and December, demonstrating their toy knowledge. This year they are projected to make even more. When Walmart released their holiday toy list they also reopened their layaway program. This allows people to have the store hold their purchase for either 10% of the cost or $10.

See the full list here.