Ways to Save Money on Everyday Things

In times of economic uncertainty, it’s important to save money.  Every penny counts, and it’s easy to cut unnecessary things.  You probably don’t need Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime accounts.  Choose one instead.  Maybe you shouldn’t have that new custom dress shirt made.  Dig in your closet for an oldie but goodie.  Those tips are obvious.  But what about the everyday things?  Are you spending too much on groceries?  Missing out on an employee discount for your cell phone service?  It’s time to dig in and find ways to save money on everyday products and services.

Clip Coupons

Clipping coupons is a favorite pastime of Midwestern housewives but you should consider it, too.  You can save hundreds of dollars each month by cutting a dollar or two off the price of single items.  The key is to stay organized.  These days, you can clip virtual coupons and store them in apps like iBotta and Checkout 51.  Say goodbye to paper coupons and filing systems.  Also, when you have a deal for multiples of non-perishable items, load up.  Products like pasta and canned goods have long shelf lives.  You save upfront and keep your pantry stocked for months to come.  Everyday items like toilet paper and paper towels will never expire, so when you see that lady carrying 48 rolls of toilet paper, follow her lead!