World’s Richest Animals That Make Millionaires Look POOR

As they say, “Money makes the world go round.” Naturally, some are blessed with much more than others, that’s simply the nature of the beast. Speaking of beasts, these critters are more privileged than a vast majority of their human counterparts. The following fab five of the world’s richest animals have amassed fortunes that would leave the best of us green with envy.

Pharaoh In a Half-Shell

Silverstone the Turtle 40000
Source: Flickr – wwarby

We’ll start off this list of the world’s richest animals nice and slow. This first entry is guaranteed to leave you shell-shocked; Silverstone is a tortoise like no other. What makes this marine marvel so impressive? He is worth over $40,000! We’ve all heard the phrase, “Slow and steady wins the race” but there is nothing slow and steady about how Silverstone became one of the wealthiest wonders around. In one fell swoop, he inherited his wealth from Christina Foyle, owner of Foyles bookshop. Best of all, at 50 years young, Silverstone has his whole life ahead of him.

This Isn’t His Son Either

Bubbles the monkey michael jackson
Source: Hulton Archives/Getty Images

Bubbles is no smooth criminal, he legitimately inherited a cool $2 million from the late Michael Jackson. The cheeky chimp was bought by Michael Jackson from a research facility in 1983. Since then, the 33-year-old chimp has been a mainstay on tour, and on stage at Michael’s performances. However, in 2003 Bubbles matured into a fully developed adult and his monkey business got out of hand. Alas, he was sent to sanctuary to live out the rest of his life in luxury.

Golden Eggs?

gigoo the hen
Source: Flickr – mcbarnicle

Worth an estimated $20 million, you’d be forgiven for assuming that this hen lays golden eggs. Gigoo is the name, and money is the game. Following the death of his wife, publishing mogul, Miles Blackwell, left $20 million to his feathered friend. So, that answers the age old question of why the chicken crossed the road – to get to the bank, of course.

Blackie Used Pay Day! It’s super-effective!

Blackit the cat
Source: Flickr – 29468339@N02

You seem speechless reading this article; has a cat got your tongue? When recluse Ben Rea passed away, he left $25 million to his feline friend, Blackie, and nothing to his relatives. One thing is for sure, even with nine lives, Blackie won’t be able to spend all of that money. They say pets take after their owners, being as mysterious as Mr. Rea, no one knows the current whereabouts of Blackie. Maybe he’s just off taking a cat nap somewhere.

Top Dog

Gunther III the dog

This German Shepherd tops the list of the world’s richest animals. Every dog has its day and that day arrived in 1991 for Gunther III, who inherited $106 million from Countess Karlotta Liebenstein. The money was invested by trustees, and when Gunther IV was born, the fund had grown to a sizeable $372 million. Talk about being born with a silver spoon! As a canine with expensive tastes, Gunther IV purchased a villa from Madonna for $3 million. Rumor has it that during the dog days of summer you could find Gunther taking a dip in his pool.

We all love our pets; they enrich our lives and give unconditional love in times of turmoil. As such, these creatures have deservedly inherited many millions. So, the next time you visit the zoo, take a moment to ponder the size of that parrot’s nest egg.