Could the Kodak Smartphone Be a Revolution in Mobile Photography?

Fast Facts

Kodak — longtime camera manufacturing powerhouse — has decided to roll out a new Kodak smartphone to compete in today’s ever-growing market. The Android based phone will be called the Kodak Ektra.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Given the company’s history, it comes as no surprise that the phone will mainly focus on its picture taking abilities.  While most top-tier smartphones have a 12 megapixel rear-facing camera and a much lower megapixel count for the front-facing camera, the Ektra will surpass these phones by a large margin in camera quality.

The Kodak Ektra will feature a front-facing camera that is 13 megapixels and a rear-facing camera that dominates the competition at 21 megapixels. This dominates the competition.

The Kodak smartphone will aim to beat the competition with better image stabilization and higher quality photos.  While the technical specifications of the smartphones camera are well over our heads, it appears that the phone will meet or beat just about any phone currently on the market in terms of camera capabilities.

The company does not plan to launch the Kodak smartphone until December, making it a potential holiday grab.  The Kodak smartphone will debut at a non-contract price of around $550.

The look of the Kodak smartphone is reminiscent of an older-style Kodak camera. It should be easier to keep a grip on than other phones on the market with their more slick (and slippery) designs.

Kodak Smartphone VS The World

We are not too optimistic that Kodak can put a huge dent in the smartphone market. However, we do believe there will be a niche group of buyers. These buyers will be drawn to the camera capabilities and name brand of the phone.

Unfortunately for Kodak, the Kodak smartphone will have released a few months after the iPhone 7. This means many consumers will have already extended their contract obligations in order to get the latest Apple products.

It will be interesting to see if the phone can stick around for multiple models. Hopefully, Kodak will not throw in the towel after one go at the smartphone market.