Planning Goals For Bloggers in 2018

planning goals for bloggers in 2018
Source: Pixabay

Do you have planning goals for your blog in 2018? If not you should. Here are some planner goals for bloggers.

  1. Time management. I personally struggle with this but I am working on it. You should avoid time wasters during your working hours. A big time killer is Facebook. Pick the groups that give you the best return on your time investment and stick with those. Schedule your social media instead of doing it manually all the time.
  2. Create a to do list for your day in your planner. Consider doing things like checking email in the morning, outlining things in the afternoon, write or record at night, block time for doing things like repurposing content. Check analytics once per week.
  3. Have content goals. When figuring out what your goals are, consider how often you can create content (this means blog posts, videos, podcasts, everything). How you can repurpose one piece of content, and how you can help your audience.