Planning Goals For Bloggers in 2018

planning goals for bloggers in 2018
Source: Pixabay
  1. Have promotion goals. Some people say you should promote more than you write. I would rather automate as much as possible and create more content. You should pick the two platforms doing the most for you and focus on those until you master them. Find what works for you. (For most bloggers, its Pinterest.)
  2. Have income goals. Figure out how you plan to make money, whether its ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, services (like freelance writing), or products.
  3. Find the best way to promote your income strategy once you decide what it is. You can promote things on your blog with links in your sidebar, links in your menu, creating a blog post, and creating free content upgrades with that blog post. You can promote on social media too, with affiliate links.
  4. Stay motivated. Consider why you started a blog and go back to that. It can be hard to stay motivated, blogging is a lot of work. Consider building a mood board and hanging it above your work space.

With these goals 2018 can be your best year yet. You’ll be able to help your readers and make income.