Ex-FBI Chief Has Book Deal: Will Secrets Be Revealed?

James Comey New Book
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ex-FBI chief, James Comey has a book deal in the works and everyone wants to know what secrets he will reveal. He held the position from 2013 until he was fired by President Trump in May 2017. The book will be about leadership and decision-making and will focus primarily on his career working for the government.

Yeah, right. That’s what we all want to hear about.

There will, of course, be a discussion about his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and the allegations of connections between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia. But most importantly, the book will take readers into the behind-the-scenes actions of influential leaders and how they behave under pressure.

The former FBI director will also share stories he has not talked about from his time in government service. Most readers will be most interested in his interactions with President Trump and the events leading up to his termination from his position.

Harry Potter James Comey Donald Trump - James Comey New Book
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Everyone is curious to know how the two men interacted with each other and if there were heated debates between the two when Comey refused to back down from the investigation into Russian connections to the U.S. Election. President Trump is well-known for telling people what’s on his mind and Comey is known for not bending, so what were their discussions like?

We’ll have to wait until next spring to find out.

Regardless of what he includes in the book, former FBI head, James Comey has plenty of stories to tell, we’re sure of it. No one can work in government for any amount of time and not have a story or two to tell. The book may not have a title yet, but it definitely has a lot of people interested in what will be between the pages.

Its spring release is sure to be a complete sell-out.