Michael Flynn Says He’ll Testify in the Russia Investigations

Yes, I know this might come as a shock. But there’s a really good reason for it, I promise. Before we get to all that Flynn stuff, though, a slight recap.

How About Just a Highlight Reel?

But then you might miss something! And we can’t have that, can we?

No, we can’t.

For those of you who’ve been living under a particularly heavy rock for the past couple of months, there have been investigations. Many of them, in fact. The ones I’m talking about here are the investigations into Trump’s ties with Russia.

They kicked off before Trump was even inaugurated, when it was discovered that Russia may have tampered with a couple of voting machines. These machines, located in states that clinched Trump’s victory, had their safety seals broken and their insides tampered with. The intrusions were traced back to Russia, apparently.

Michael Flynn Caricature
Source: Flickr

And that’s not all.

Michael Flynn was Trump’s first National Security Advisor, but he was forced to resign not one month after he was hired. It turns out he’d been in contact with Russian officials back in December, which is illegal since he wasn’t a part of the White House. The only thing more illegal would be if he talked with them about the sanctions Obama slapped them wi-

…What? He did?! Oh my…

Apparently, the right people were listening in on those calls he made. Transcripts of them show that he did indeed discuss the sanctions with the Russians. What’s more, they show he might have implied Trump might be open to lifting said sanctions.

So What’s Flynn Doing Now?

The investigations into Russia’s involvement in the US election have been going on for the past couple of months. Flynn is obviously a huge player in this game, and back on March 30th, his lawyers contacted officials. Apparently, Flynn is willing to testify in the investigations.

But only if he gets immunity.

diplomatic immunity

Basically, that means that if they have him testify and grant him immunity, he can’t be charged with any crimes he might admit to. Smart of him, considering he’s most likely guilty of more than one infractions of national security.

The irony I delicious. Wasn’t it him that said, “[Getting immunity] means that you’ve probably committed a crime.”

It was. Ah ha ha.

Hopefully it won’t get revoked.