Obamacare Replacement Clears Two Major Hurdles

Hoo boy, here it comes.

The Obamacare replacement has laced its sneakers up and is clearing them hurdles like an Olympic runner. I just hope it beefs itself up before it arrives to claim the podium.

… Okay, metaphor over.

A Small Reminder


Around the beginning of March, the GOP put out their version of the Obamacare program. This new bill would replace Obamacare once it cleared all the checks and hurdles of Congress. It was not well received, but still it persevered.

The bill wants to cut funding to Medicaid, the program that provides health insurance to the poor and disabled. It also wants to switch over to an age-based tax credit system instead of an income-based one. This would cause healthcare costs to skyrocket, putting coverage back out of reach of the millions Obamacare allowed coverage to.

Both Democrats and Republicans are bashing it, along with major medical companies. Honestly, the whole thing reads as a gift to the top 1% of the country’s wealth. But then, that’s not surprising. Trump endorses it, after all.

And Now?

Screenshot of QWOP Game in Steeplechase Mode
Screenshot of QWOP Game in Steeplechase Mode

Well, remember those hurdles the bill has to cross before it’s put into effect?

It’s cleared two of them. There are only three House boards that need to vote yes before it’s sent forward for a full vote, meaning there’s one left. Usain Bolt would have to grudgingly admit its form is on point.

Both the Ways and Means Committee and the Energy and Commerce Committee voted to send the thing to the House for a vote. Dems rallied against it, but their defense just wasn’t enough, and it steamrolled through. That means that it just needs the approval of the Budget Committee before it goes up against the big guns.

Hospital stocks fell and then rose again. House Speaker Paul Ryan literally pulled out a PowerPoint to defend it. And Trump revealed plans to hold rallies across the country in order to gather support for it.

Nobody get sick. Just… c’mon, it’s our last chance if that thing goes through. Just stay healthy.