Obamacare Replacement Gets a Professional Evaluation

On Monday the 13th, the healthcare plan that’s meant to replace Obamacare received an official, professional evaluation. Conducted by the Congressional Budget Office, the diagnosis mainly looks at how much the bill would cost the federal government.

The results… aren’t looking pretty.

Wait, the Who?

No, not the WHO. That’s the World Health Organization.

The CBO. They’re a group of independent mathematicians that tally up the data gathered by censuses and other such sources. Then, using this data, they extrapolate to get a forecast on how a bill will affect the country and its economy.

They’re pretty much the authority on this kind of thing. Lawmakers usually wait for their verdict before moving forward to vote on something as financially significant as this.

And this time, their prognosis isn’t looking good.

What’s the News, Doctor? I Can Take It!

You… may want to sit down for this.

Source: Flickr
A protestor against the original Obamacare — Source: Flickr

According to the CBO, the Obamacare replacement isn’t the best idea. Although it would save the federal government around $340 billion over the next ten years, that’s only because the number of uninsured people would skyrocket. It would go up by 24 million over the same period of time.

This takes into account the 14 million who are expected to lose insurance next year due to the lack of tax penalty.

So What Does That Mean for Me?

woman with doctor
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If you’re one of the ones that are not going to have health insurance next year, it means that you’ll have to pay out of pocket for any ills you come down with. Better get your checkbook ready, because healthcare doesn’t come cheap in America without coverage.

If you’re one of the ones that is going to have healthcare, congratulations. And also, my condolences. Your premiums are going to go through the roof to compensate for the lack of people, meaning you’re going to pay more money anyway.

Either way, this new bill is going to shoot your wallet directly in the face.

And People are Saying…?

Remember that whole ‘alternative facts’ thing?

Yeah, basically, supporters of the bill are doubting the CBO’s accuracy. Nevermind that they’ve been doing this for longer than those supporters have been in office. Typical bury-your-head-in-the-sand mentality.

Democrats are shaking their heads in disappointment and patting sobbing Americans on the back.