Obamacare Replacement Having Some Troubles

Yes, you read right! The GOP actually put into consideration a plan that’s meant to be a replacement for Obamacare! After months without having a clear direction, they’ve finally penned a roadmap.

The problem is… well, it’s not what people were expecting.

They Did a What Now to Obamacare?

Donald Trump at a podium, talking about the ban on muslims
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Early last week, a new healthcare bill was proposed that would work as a replacement for Obamacare. One of Trump’s main campaign promises, aside from his wall, was to repeal Obamacare. For ages, there was no word on what, if anything, would be put into effect in its place.

Now, we have word. A few words actually.

It seems the GOP has finally put something together.

And People Are…?

Not happy, that’s what.

Literally nobody is in support of this new bill. On one hand, some decriers of the replacement say it looks too much like Obamacare. On the other hand, critics of the bill say that it would push the cost of healthcare through the roof, leaving millions uninsured.

Major medical groups agree with that last assessment. The American Medical Association actually sent a letter to senior lawmakers, begging them to reconsider a few key ideas in the bill.

So What Exactly Would This Replacement Do?

Oh ho.

Oh ho ho ho.

Well that’s the question, isn’t it?

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Mainly, it will replace subsidies based on income with ones based on age-based tax credits. Not only would this make coverage more expensive, it would raise coverage out of reach of the poor and sick.

As well, it wants to cap the amount of federal funding that Medicaid receives. For those not in the know, Medicaid is the program that covers low-income and disabled people.

Basically, the entire thing reads as a gift and peace offering to the wealthy top 1% of the nation.

Are people outraged and gearing up to fight this? You bet.

Are people surprised that Trump has already voiced his approval for this destructive new bill?

…Take a guess.