President Trump Declares War on Black Athletes

trump football tweets

President Trump is at it again. In his typical fashion, he is tweeting again. This time he has waged war on black athletes in the NBA and the NFL. He has called for the firing of NFL players that refuse to stand for the National Anthem and retracted his invitation to the Golden State Warriors since they declined his invitation to the White House.

Is there no end to his ranting?

There seems to be no end to the lengths he will go to offend those that choose to silently protest the racial injustice in this country and anyone that doesn’t agree with him. What is even more offensive is the fact that since he has become president, there have been multiple acts of brutality on people of color that feel it is okay to do so because President Trump seems to get a free pass to do and say what he pleases.

The country is on a serious downslide and since he has taken office, his supporters feel it is okay to disrespect and abuse people of color because the president takes great pleasure in vocalizing his disdain for people of color. It doesn’t matter that he has a few minorities in cabinet positions. He has made it perfectly clear that he could care less about racial and social injustice.

Trump supporters continue to claim they think he is doing a great job because he speaks his mind. But just because he holds the highest position in the country, it doesn’t give him the right to do and say whatever he wants. We are not impressed with his bullying tactics or his bad behavior.

President Trump, once again we ask you to put down your phone and tend to the matters of our nation. Stop the bullying. Stop the hate-filled rants and get to the business of taking care of our country.