Republicans Are Getting a Strong Start on Their New Year’s Resolutions

What’s Up?

After a holiday break that was entirely too short, we arrive back at work after New Year’s. Opening our newspapers, it seems that the Republicans haven’t let this holiday season go by unchecked. We expected something like this to happen, but not quite this soon.

Unfortunately, it’s nothing good.

On January 2nd, the Republicans took advantage of the fact that they’re going to control both Congress and the White House. They passed a movement that puts the Office of Government Ethics under direct control of Congress. Said office is an independent body responsible for spotting and then doing something about corruption in Congress.

Yes, you read right. The people responsible for checking corruption in Congress is now under the control of the body they’re supposed to be policing.

What’s Coming Up?

The Republicans aren’t going to stop there it seems, to the surprise of absolutely nobody. Also on their to-do list is trimming down the tree of regulations on environmental and financial business. This means there will be less restrictions on what won’t pass as acceptable in those sectors. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it stop producing oxygen?


protester against Obamacare
Source: Flickr

As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also preparing their plans to repeal Obamacare. It’s already taken a significant hit in the new year, if you haven’t heard. A federal judge used the weekend rush to put a block on a part of the law that stops people from refusing healthcare to certain individuals. Namely, transgender people and those looking for abortions.

At the end of this list yet no less significant, they’re vying to approve President-Elect Donald Trump’s chosen nomination for Supreme Court.

The Democratic party is rallying their forces to try and push back on some of these things. They also hope to block some of Trump’s more unsavory cabinet picks. Only time will tell how successful they’ll be.

Corruption, induction, and plain old obfuscation. A denial of basic rights, and the systematic nullification of those that might have the power to stop it.

What comes next?