What Are The Republicans Going to Do About Obamacare?

A Slight Recap

Back in 2010, President Obama signed into effect a set of laws known as Obamacare. Since then, Republicans have attempted many times to repeal, block, and deny it. The Affordable Care Act, which is Obamacare’s actual name, has since insured at least 20 million people. This means that the amount of uninsured people in America is at the lowest point it’s ever been at.

You read right. Thanks to Obamacare, more people than ever have been able to afford health insurance.

Of course, there are arguments against it. Obamacare helps people afford healthcare by raising taxes on those in higher tax brackets. Although they can no doubt afford it, they don’t want to part with more of their money than they need to be. Another argument is that health entitlements like this one are the source of the government’s money troubles.

These arguments usually end with the idea of replacing Obamacare with another healthcare system, cheaper on the government and more market-based. They don’t know what such a system looks like, but repealing Obamacare while they figure it out is apparently a good idea anyway.

What Does This Have to do with Anything?

You remember how Donald Trump made repealing Obamacare one of his main campaign promises?

Obama (Democrats) and Pence (Republicans) fight it out over Obamacare
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Now that he is actually guaranteed the White House, Obama is taking steps to protect his Act. Less than three weeks before he is due to leave office, Obama visited Capitol Hill. He pleaded with Democratic lawmakers to help stop the repeal, and they agreed.

The problem is, the Republicans had the same idea. Vice President-elect Mike Pence also visited Capitol Hill, but his purpose was to meet with GOP lawmakers. Reportedly at the same time Obama huddled up with the Democrats, Pence met with the GOP. Then, he went on to assure reporters that the Republican party would not be going back in its promise to repeal the law.

The Democrats said they plan to fight the Republicans every step of the way, but who can say if it’s going to be enough? Who can say, also, whether the Republicans actually have something to replace Obamacare with?

Somebody better say it because I’m about to fall out of my seat from anticipation. And if I do, I want to know what will happen to me once my head hits my desk.