Tons of T-Rex Protestors March on White House

t rex white house

The White House was overrun with T-Rex dinosaurs as protestors marched to show their displeasure with President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to national service programs. Approximately 100 prehistoric creatures wobbled across the Capitol lawn a few weeks ago.

The dinosaurs were quite a sight as they wanted to let the country know that the proposed cuts to programs like Americorps is a bad idea. Protesters pointed out that the group was in Texas assisting with Hurricane Harvey relief so they are truly needed to provide aid and assistance to various parts of the country.

The T-Rex protesters went on to say that if President Trump’s budget is passed, there will be no help from national service programs in times of natural disaster. The proposed budget indicates national service programs and other volunteer groups should receive their funding from the private sector. Congress will have the final say on whether or not the budget cuts will pass.

The protesters are hoping Congress will see their side of the issue and reject President Trump’s proposed budget.

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Courtesy of The Sun

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, it is obvious that national service programs have been able to provide help and assistance to those in need in flood ravaged areas. With the extensive damage experienced in the states affected by the hurricanes, volunteers are a welcome relief to those that need help putting the pieces of their lives back together.

The T-Rex march on the Capitol may have been comical to watch, but the protesters had serious intentions behind their protest. Sometimes you have to do something unusual to draw attention to your cause. Marching dinosaurs definitely fit the bill. Hopefully, Congress will make the right decision and vote to keep funding national service programs.

Can you imagine those same T-Rex dinosaurs taking over the Senate floor?