Will President Trump Deport Illegal Immigrants?

During general election campaigning, we heard it time and again: Donald Trump would erect a wall and deport illegal immigrants if elected President. Now that he is President-elect, how likely is Trump to go through with the plan? There are many possible outcomes and we’ll explore their potential affects on the world.

If Donald Trump sticks to his pledge, it would result in the largest mass deportation in American history. However, the expenses and logistics make it a tall task. It would be one involving the relocation of millions of individuals and fortifying the southern border. Guess Trump has his own definition of a firewall.

Trump Card

Trump outlines his plan to deport illegal immigrants during a speech.
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While campaigning, immigration was a central issue on the Trump platform. The major points of the plan was to create a special deportation task force and build a “beautiful” wall. With the kicker being that Mexico would foot the entire bill. One thing is for sure, Trump isn’t on the fence with this issue.

He has many options towards achieving this, including changing the priorities of the Department of Homeland Security. It would expose an estimated 11 million undocumented individuals to the prospects of deportation. Some of these people are long time residents with families. All of this mandates that social and economic factors should be considered along with the political motive.

Deport Illegal Immigrants and Face Consequences

Illegal immigrant agricultural worker.
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Moreover, there would be many consequences if the new administration carries out the plan. If President Trump were to deport illegal immigrants, it would have a devastating affect on the economy. The agriculture sector in particular would be negatively impacted.

On top of that, it will divide families and cost the government billions of dollars. While the wall would make a political statement, it has very little practical applications in stopping a majority of new arrivals into the country. People seeking asylum and those who overstay visas would not be affected by a physical barrier. In addition, environmental and engineering obstacles are huge challenges.

Meet in the Middle

Protests against Trump's plan to deport illegal immigrants.
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With all of that said, Trump’s plan to deport illegal immigrants will land somewhere in the middle. While it seems unlikely that there would be mass deportations or the building of a wall, the administration will have the tools to scale back on President Obama’s efforts to protect immigrants from deportation.

For instance, Trump could easily reverse an initiative introduced under the Obama administration that has protected thousands of children illegally brought into the United States. Something that Trump has vowed to accomplish during his first term.

At this stage the outcome is uncertain, and it is up to the American people to fight for what they believe is morally, ethically, and politically right. One thing is for sure, in the end, American democracy and the will of the people shall reign supreme as it has for centuries. Stand up and make your voices heard!