Trump Has Launched Airstrike on Syrian Airbase

Unsurprisingly, something drastic has been done.

Wait, WHAT?!

Back on the sixth, the US launched dozens of Tomahawk missiles, targeting a Syrian airbase. Equipment was destroyed, and at least six people are dead from the attack.

Russian troops that were stationed at the base were warned ahead of time and evacuated before the strike commenced. Obviously, they were not the target of the attack.


The airbase is the same one that a chemical attack on Syrian rebel groups was launched from earlier in the week. New numbers say that over 80 people were killed in the attack, at least 10 of them children.

Donald Trump stated that it is in the interest of the US’s national security to stop the use of chemical weapons. Nevermind that he did this without the approval of Congress, which is illegal and slightly worrying.

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Not slightly.

It’s a lot worrying.

Just a few days before this, the Trump administration said it “didn’t feel strongly” about whether or not Assad retained the position of President. Apparently, that statement just went out the window.

The only good thing, maybe, is that this missile attack was one of the milder forms of military retaliation presented. Likely it was more of a warning shot that a long-term commitment.


So Why Syria?

Gas masks
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Back in 2013, the Syrian government was flagged for a large attack utilizing chemical weapons. More than 1,000 people were killed, and since chemical weapons are considered a war crime by the international community, that’s a big deal.

The attack was blamed on Syria’s President Assad. Rebel groups, some of whom have the support of the US, have been going up against him for years to try and depose him. Former President Obama was a hair’s breadth away from sending in military intervention until the involved parties opted for a peaceful approach.

Syria was left alone, on the condition that all the remaining chemical weapons would be destroyed.

They missed a couple.