An Early Look at Trump’s Cabinet Picks

Not That Kind of Cabinet

There are only ten days until President-elect Donald Trump assumes office. Washington DC is scrambling to get everything done in time for the exchange of power. With less than two weeks to go, officials will have to rush through a prodigal amount of cabinet hearings before the inauguration.

The hearings began today, meant to assess whether each of Trump’s picks will do well with the power of office. They continue for the next two weeks, but we should have the first of the results by tomorrow. So stay tuned for that one.

Of course, that assumes that everything is going according to plan, which it has not. Trump’s picks have already begun causing problems. None of Trump’s picks have a history in government, and a few of them haven’t even filled out the required paperwork!

Digressing on that for the moment, let’s see what Trump has in store for his cabinet, hm?

Senator Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Trump picked him for Attorney General. He served as an attorney in Alabama for over a decade, and then switched over to being a senator in 1996. Tough on immigration, he got rejected once before for racist comments. As if that wasn’t enough, Senator Cory Booker is testifying against him. This is the first time a current senator will testify against a potential colleague.

Rex Tillerson

rex tillerson
Source: Flickr

This one is in line to become Secretary of State. CEO of ExxonMobil for around a decade, Tillerson is a businessman. He’s had dealings all over the world, but most notably in Russia. He actually won a friendship award after sealing a major deal there. The Senate will no doubt have some questions about how he’s planning on handling Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Retired General John Kelly

John Kelly
Source: Wikimedia Commons

This veteran served in the Marines for more than four decades. He’s set to become Secretary of Homeland Security. With his background, he’ll likely get asked about Trump’s plans for the infamous proposed wall between the US and Mexico.

So Basically…

So Trump wants a businessman, an attorney general, and a war veteran in his cabinet. Even ignoring the various problems, the hearings are getting rushed through far too fast. Background checks and ethics reviews of a few of the potential picks are getting neglected, and that’s…

Not good.