Trump’s Replacement Travel Ban Rejected

Well, I don’t think any of us didn’t see this coming, especially after the first travel ban. If somebody was clueless as to what would happen here…well.

Have you been paying attention?

Sorry, What? Travel Ban?

In case you missed it, Trump issued a travel ban on a certain group of people earlier in the year.

For about a week, all refugees from anywhere were banned from entering the US. As well, anybody coming in from one of seven Muslim-majority countries was also stymied. For a few days, it actually even applied to people with green cards, visas, and valid citizenship!

Trump Muslim Ban announcement
Courtesy of CNN

The Trump administration reacted to public outcry by saying that it was necessary to keep the country safe from terrorists. The public reacted by doing everything in their power to get the travel ban thrown out. Protests abounded, call lines were on fire, and lawyers took up residence in airports to provide free legal council to the banned individuals.

Then, it was stopped.

A judge from Seattle put a hold on the ban, saying it was unconstitutional and discriminated based on religion.

So What Now?

Obviously, Trump didn’t take this laying down.

He drafted a new travel ban, one that he said was supposed to stand up in court. This time, it only bans people from six primarily-Muslim countries, in addition to the ‘every refugee ever’ thing from before. Visas and green cards would still let people through.

Except it didn’t go exactly as he planned it. Entire states, as well as civil liberty groups, sued the new ban before it could even hit the market. It was still unconstitutional, for the exact same reasons as before!

It came to a head when, a day before it was supposed to come into effect, Hawaii vetoed the ban nationwide. It’s only temporary, as opposed to the Seattle ruling, but it buys a little time for other lawmakers to come up with a plan.

In case you’re confused, it was blocked on the pretence that it was ‘issued with a purpose to disfavor a particular religion.”

Which of course it was.

You go, Hawaii!