Pages of Trump’s Tax Returns from 2005 Leaked

Trump’s tax returns have been LEAKED! Well, not the entirety of them. Just a few pages. But these few pages are enough to get Trump in some serious hot water.

Why Should I Care?

Well you see, Donald Trump was the first presidential candidate in decades that decided to withhold his tax returns from the public. This isn’t against the law, but it’s been a White House tradition since the 70s. People like to know whether their president has any financial relationships that could sway them or provide bias.

And hoo boy, is there a lotta bias here.

Trump originally stated that he couldn’t release his taxes because of an ongoing audit from the IRS. This was, in retrospect, just a delaying tactic to get him into the White House. Once he was confirmed to have ‘won’ the election (because we all remember the Russian hacking scandal), he said, “Not really.”

So for the past couple of months, he’s been tight-lipped on his taxes.

Except recently, some pages were leaked to a journalist.

And then on Tuesday, they were confirmed to be legit by the White House.

Ahah… oops?

So What Do Trump’s Tax Returns Say About Him?

Trump Tax Returns
Source: Flickr

Right now, not all that much.

The short version is, he made more than $150 million total back in 2005. He wrote off more than $100 million as business losses, and then paid $38 million in taxes.

Just so you know, that’s all fine, apparently. There’s something in the IRS rulebook called an ‘alternative minimum tax’ that makes sure rich people don’t skive off paying their dues with deductions and credits.

Again, the White House confirmed them, and also made a point of saying that publishing them was illegal.

So What Do People Say?

Trump supporters are cheering this release, saying that it only proves that Trump is a savvy businessman who pays his taxes.

Critics are scoffing and saying that this isn’t nearly enough info to go off of. They’re saying that the entirety of his returns should be released so America can evaluate where his money is coming from, not just how much he has.

Where do you stand?