Popsicle Iguanas Fall From Florida Trees

The northeast experienced bitterly cold temperatures in the past week. Humans are bundling up and the animals aren’t quite sure what to do. Popsicle iguanas are raining from the sky because they cannot take the cold weather.

Yes, you read that correctly.

popsicle iguana

It seems that the cold-blooded animals get loopy and sluggish if the temperature falls below 50 degrees. If it gets any colder than that, the little guys literally freeze and drop from their favorite hangouts. It’s just too darn cold for them to function. Iguanas aren’t the only animals that are having a hard time in the cold weather. Sea turtles are also stiffening and slowing down.

Many Florida residents are finding frozen lizards all around their property. Imagine coming outside to find your yard littered with popsicle lizards? It kind of makes your skin crawl? Doesn’t it? Even though some people have been moving the creatures into the sun so they can thaw out, the best thing you can do is leave them alone. They will bite you if they get scared, so you should just let Mother Nature do her thing.

Iguanas falling from trees

You don’t want to get attacked while attempting to perform an iguana rescue.

Florida wildlife commission biologists have been working hard to rescue and relocate immobile sea turtles floating near the shore or in the water. But since iguanas are considered a nuisance, there is no plan to help them out. That is probably because they are known for causing chaos and confusion when they eat through landscaping and defecate all over the place. The lizard poop is a known cause of salmonella bacteria.

And no one wants to have anything to do with that.

So if you are a Florida homeowner with a yard full of frozen lizards, you may want to check with the wildlife commission for advice on how to trap and manage the problem.