Psycho Doctor Burns Initials into Patient Organs

There are some people that dread going to the doctor, let alone having surgery. A British physician was sentenced to community service and a fine for burning his initials into the livers of patients he performed transplants on. Simon Bramhall pled guilty to two counts of assault in December 2017.

Simon surgery liver branding

Oh, the horror!

This arrogant dude was so full of himself that he thought it was a great idea to use an argon beam coagulator, which is normally used to seal blood vessels to leave his mark on his patients. The dirty deed was discovered by another doctor in 2014 and Bramhall quit his job at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham as a result.

Prosecutors indicated the case was “without legal precedent in criminal law.” So, in other words, this creepy physician is the first surgeon to have done something so despicable. Some of Bramhall’s patients didn’t seem to mind the doctor’s conduct and praised him for saving their lives.

Some physicians are so full of themselves that they believe that they are Gods. Bramhall definitely seems to have a superiority complex. The judge that sentenced him indicated his “professional arrogance strayed into criminal behavior.” Patients put their trust in those that treat and help them through the most difficult medical conditions. It is truly sad that this doctor abused his authority.

Source: Pixnio

We just hope that Bramhall’s behavior will not prevent patients from getting the procedures they need out of fear of being mistreated by their physician. Going into surgery is scary enough, but imagine if the person operating on you feels so important that they decide to leave their mark, on your organs.

Since this case is the first of its kind, Bramhall got a slap on the wrist. Let’s just hope that no hospital will hire this egomaniac anytime in the near future.