Hate Your Job? Here are the Reasons Working a 9 to 5 Sucks

Your Daily 9 to 5 Sucks

There are so many people today that are leaving their old jobs behind because having a 9 to 5 sucks. You can easily break into freelancing with little overhead and education as long as you have a skillset. Are you still not sure if you should make the leap? Here are 7 reasons why having a 9 to 5 sucks.


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Credit: Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

Just because your job sucks doesn’t mean you aren’t good at it. The problem though is that the best employees are generally overworked because their bosses rely on them too heavily. It’s not to say that running your own business won’t be a lot of work because it is, but you’ll be working for yourself instead of someone else, which makes it a lot more gratifying.