Hey, That Giant Rectangle Is An Actual Hoverboard

The hoverboard craze is undeniably in full swing.

These handle-challenged Segways have already ignited people’s imaginations and exploded onto the market! Not to mention they’ve been seized by police.

Despite the negative press, there are reliable brands and responsible hoverboarders out there. These gadgets seem to be here to stay. At least until they get one-upped.

Behold! This thing?

The brains behind the ArcaBoard rides one of his rectangular, floating devices.
This table-looking thing is an actual bona fide floating hoverboard.

Where does that guy think he’s going on top of that table?

Actually that table is the real deal. The ArcaBoard is a literal hoverboard that gently floats off the ground while the rider engages in a desperate battle against gravity and equilibrium.

OK, so it’s not exactly like Marty McFly thought it would be.

But while the ArcaBoard may seem like more work than fun, it’s the closest thing yet to a viable off ground transportation device. According to Arca Space’s website, the board even operates above water using 36 high power electric ducted fans with a maximum thrust of 430 lbs and an optional stabilization system (the real daredevils can turn that off). The hardware inside explains the bulky exterior.

Don’t get too excited just yet. The ArcaBoard debuts in April at a price of $14,900. Plus, it’s not like you can just hop on and float down your city street. Looks like most of us will be hoofing it on the ground for the time being.

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