Self Driving Car Company Unveiled by Google

Where are the flying cars promised in the 1960s? The city of the future isn’t here yet, but this sure is a step in the right direction. Google has announced the launch of its heavily anticipated new self driving car company. So now you can dose off behind the wheel without worrying about the consequences.

In development for more than 10 years, Google has finally decided to commercialize the groundbreaking technology. Future research and development of the innovative technology will now be the responsibility of a new self driving car company called Waymo. Talk about putting the project on auto-pilot.

Self Driving Car Company With No Blind Spots

Blind driver testing the steering wheel. This will be a thing of the past with Google's self driving car company.
Source: BBC

There was a groundbreaking trip that happened in 2015 that Google kept under wraps until Tuesday. At the media unveiling, the company presented the story of a blind man who was able to make an entire trip using a prototype self-driving car. Wayno’s Chief Executive, John Krafcik wrote, “Steve Mahan rode alone in one of our prototype vehicles, cruising through Austin’s suburbs.”

The legally blind man used the cars sensors and software as his chauffeur in this first of a kind adventure. Mr. Krafcik summed it up:

We believe that this technology can begin to reshape some of the ten trillion miles that motor vehicles travel around the world every year, with safer, more efficient and more accessible forms of transport.

On the Road to Making Money

A red toy car in front of a 100 dollar American bill.
Source: Flickr

As we all know, money makes the world go round. So, we know there will be ample opportunity to monetize the technology. Therefore, it came as no surprise when the company announced that it will apply the technology to other purposes as well.

Some potential commercial uses for self driving vehicles would include: use in personal vehicles, ride sharing, logistics, and the “last mile” problem associated with public transportation. However, Google is taking a cautious approach even as rivals in the field such as Tesla roll out self-driving technology on the road. Looks like Google is steering clear of danger for now.

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

Google Maps self-driving car.
Source: Flickr

The new self driving car company didn’t address reports that it was abandoning producing its own cars. It has been suggested Waymo would perhaps work with more established car makers and incorporate its technology into them. This would undoubtedly cut costs and allow Google to focus resources on other innovative projects.

As always, Google is pushing boundaries and going where no company has gone before. Going beyond its motto of Do No Evil, the tech giant is doing a lot to benefit mankind. And now the only thing left to do is wait for Waymo to get the show on the road.