This is Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Kid Skip Preschool

I’m a mom, so I get it. Sending your kid to preschool means you have less time with them. They’re growing up too fast. It can be expensive if you choose a private one. And, they’re bound to come home with mannerisms from other kids you’d rather they didn’t have. There are so many reasons to be against the whole preschool thing.

But, in addition to being a mom, I was also a preschool teacher. So, I can honestly say that I see it from both points of view. And I’m telling you, preschool is important for your child. Here’s why:

They Learn How to Navigate the Social World

Preschool social world
Source: “Preschool buddies” by Jason Lander is licensed under CC BY 2.0

One of the biggest pros of preschool – and you’ve probably heard it – is the social aspect. Many young kids don’t get much socialization outside of their own family. And, it’s often not from kids their own age, which they really need. Play dates are great, but they don’t always include assistance with social navigation.

Preschool teachers help your child socialize with others in productive ways. Sometimes, I felt more like a referee than a teacher, and that’s okay. That’s what I was there for, and I was laying important building blocks for my kiddos. I talked to kids when they had trouble sharing. I helped them see how the other children felt. And, I’d suggest productive, fair ways to play together that made everyone happy.

Preschool is more than playing with other kids. It’s a true learning process where teachers get involved to help your child explore, understand, and assist others, and themselves, with their emotions.