Silly Teens and the “Tide Pod Challenge”

We all know that teens are not always the brightest bulbs in the pack. In most cases, we chalk their silly, erratic behavior up to the fact that their brains are still developing. The latest internet challenge they are taking on is cause for great concern. What are they now doing for likes on social media?

tide pod challenge

Teens are eating laundry detergent pods and videotaping themselves.

No, we are not talking about babies or toddlers mistaking the laundry detergent for sweet treats. We are talking about middle and high school kids purposely popping detergent pods in their mouths just for kicks. This is the type of behavior we expect for youngsters under the age of about 6, but older kids should know better.

But apparently, they do not. Or could it be that they just don’t care?

The truth of the matter is that laundry detergent pods contain toxic substance like ethanol, polymers, and hydrogen peroxide. Most normal people would not consider these delectable delights. Some teens, on the other hand, would rather gain internet fame than use their brains. It seems that each month there is some new internet challenge that kids are willing to take on to make a name for themselves.

Tide Pods on a shelf
Source: Flickr

Kids are expected to do silly stunts during their adolescence. But when will they learn that everyone watching them make fools of themselves on the internet are not fans. Ingesting toxic substances can have deadly results. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has worked with manufacturers to make the detergent pods less appealing and reduced the strength of the formula to prevent injuries to young children.

But once kids reach the age of young adults, they should absolutely know better and do better. It looks like parents will have their hands full for quite some time as long as teens continue to try to boost their status and likes on social media.