High Schooler Attacks Teacher with a Stun Gun

Police in the southern Alabama county of Mobile have arrested and charged a female student with a felony. The reason? She used a stun gun on a teacher. The Mary G. Montgomery high schooler allegedly used the weapon to escape while the teacher was restraining her during a schoolyard fight.

The shocking cell phone camera footage shows what appears to be a young teenage girl. A much larger adult male held her near a wall of lockers. When the male momentarily diverted his attention to the crowd behind him, the girl struck him with the stun gun and ran away.

The faces were blurred in all published images and video of the incident to protect the identities of both the victim and the perpetrator. Authorities have made a comment that they will not release the name of the schoolgirl because she is still a minor. Nonetheless, they confirmed that she was arrested. She was charged with felony assault and later taken to Strickland Youth Center, a juvenile detention facility.

Dangers of the stun gun

X-26 Taser stun gun

Though stun guns are categorized as incapcitant weapons that are meant to yield non-lethal results, it doesn’t mean that deaths are unheard of. Amnesty International claims that 277 people died in the United States betweem 2001 and 2007. These weapons can cause cardiac arrest leading to sudden death.

Assaults in Mobile County


This is not the first time that the Semmes high school has dealt with a weapon scandal. In January of 2014, teachers found with an unloaded .32 semi-automatic weapon in the backpack of a tenth grader. The seizure of the weapon came after an anonymous tip alerted authorities to the student in question’s backpack.

Mobile County was recently plagued with an exceptionally high rate of gun violence. In fact, this past February local and state leaders called a “State of Emergency” workshop. This was in response to a bloody beginning to 2016. In January of 2016 alone, there were ten homicides in the county.

Violence against teachers

A report called “Indicators of School Crime and Safety” in 2014 said that a record 209,800 teachers of primary and secondary education were attacked in the 2010-2011 school year. Consequently, within the past ten years, there has been a sharp increase of students physically attacking their teachers.