3 Skills That Will Never Be Replaced By Computers

It’s amazing how far computers and artificial intelligence have come, but it’s unnerving to think how much further they can still go. Computers are replacing everything from restaurant order takers to customer phone support. This technology is everywhere, to the point that most people in the world can’t imagine their lives without it. But, where does that leave us in the future when computers take over even more jobs and we harbor the skills computers replace? It’s estimated that by 2021, artificial intelligence will replace about 6% of human jobs in the United States. Fortunately, there are a few skills humans possess that artificial intelligence can’t replace – at least, for now.

High-Level Healthcare Skills

Computers won't replace doctors
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Can you imagine machines replacing doctors and surgeons who need direct contact with patients to do their jobs properly? There are certain healthcare skills and jobs that definitely have the potential to become automated. For example, hospital food preparation and checking vital stats are things that machines could probably handle now. But, when it comes to doctors needing to chat with patients to find out about their symptoms or to perform an intricate surgery, it’s unlikely that robots can do the job. Those with high expertise in the medical field can likely guarantee themselves a job for the foreseeable future.

Creative Skills

Computers won't replace creativity
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If there’s one thing that robots lack, it’s the ability to perform creatively like a person. Creativity usually stems from emotion, something artificial intelligence doesn’t have. Dancers perform their craft with musicality and emotion that transforms a dance into a piece of art. Painters make gorgeous masterpieces using extraordinary blends of colors and textures that evoke a specific feeling. Writers pen their most personal thoughts in the form of poetry or song lyrics. Human creativity is untouchable by artificial intelligence, which is calculated and emotionless.

Teaching Skills

Computers won't replace educators
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Behind every online educational class is an educator that provides the material students work with. Yes, virtual classrooms exist, but the lessons are real materials that computers deliver. Computers know a lot and can find just about every answer to anything humans know. But, when it comes to actually teaching the materials, artificial intelligence lacks the skills to do so. Great teachers have the ability to customize their instruction to the needs of their students so that each student can gain something from a lesson. A computer, on the other hand, will teach the one way it knows how: displaying the information. Then, it’s up to the student to decipher it.  Teachers are important building blocks of society that likely aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.