Daughter Costs Dad Engineering Job at Apple

Dad fired iphone x daughter brooke
Source: Youtube

Kids are great. We love them and often spoil them a little too much. One Apple engineer found out the hard way what happens when we give our kids everything under the sun. His daughter made a video of his iPhone X and put it online for all of the world to see prior to its launch date.

Now that’s just bad business.

The engineer’s daughter made a hands-on video giving everyone a look at what her dad’s phone does. Everyone knows that when you work in the tech industry, you need to be careful with product information. Brooke didn’t see it that way. We guess she was just being a kid.

Apple didn’t see it that way and demanded she take the video down. Brooke complied, but it was too late to save her father’s job. She and her father even made a second video discussing how they understood Apple’s decision to terminate her father’s employment.

We know that’s really got to hurt. You work your butt off only to have your daughter take your top-secret design and share it with the world without your permission. She’ll probably be grounded until she’s 35. Not to mention we don’t think dad will be able to find a job right away.

Would you hire the guy that let the prototype for a next big thing fall into the hands of his kid? He may be a brilliant engineer, but we seriously doubt employers will be lining up on his doorstep. At least not for a while. So, if you work in the tech industry on a top-secret project, make sure you don’t let sensitive information fall into the wrong hands.

Even if it is your daughter, you have got to keep a lid on all of your projects if you want to keep your job.