Gadget Gift Guides: E-Readers


The most basic option, this e-reader has all the features that make an e-reader a good gift. The screen gives off almost no glare, even in direct sunlight, and reads like paper. The battery can last weeks on a single charge, depending on the screen brightness and other options. And of course, wi-fi allows it to connect directly to the Amazon e-book store.

The screen is a bit lower quality than the other options, but that’s forgivable.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Touch
Source: Wikimedia Commons

In addition to no glare, long battery life, and wi-fi, this reader has a few more perks. The screen is twice as clear as the basic Kindle; that together with Amazon’s Bookerly font means that eyestrain is vastly reduced. As well, it comes with built in LEDs to light up the screen for easy reading at night. No more struggling with a flashlight!

This model is actually on sale right now. Get it for only $20 more than the basic model!

Kindle Voyage

Kindle Voyage - Gadget Gift Guide
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Admittedly, this one is only a slight upgrade from the Paperwhite. Two more LEDs offer brighter and more uniform illumination at night, and the PagePress system allows you to turn the page with only a slight bit of pressure. As well, the slimmer design means it’s even lighter than the Kindle and the Paperwhite

Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis
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The all-new Kindle experience, just released this year. An inch more of screen means that you get even more text per page, and even less eye strain. In addition, this is the first model to be truly waterproof, reportedly able to survive up to 60 minutes in fresh water. No need to panic if you slip in the bath or knock over a drink.

It has 12 integrated LEDs for nighttime reading, and the 32 GB option means you can carry four times the number of titles with you. The thinnest Kindle yet, its aluminum back and strong cover glass means that it weighs less than any of the other models.