Gadget Gift Guides: Headphones

Headphones are a mainstay gift for the holiday season. Everybody likes music in some form or another, and even if they (somehow) don’t, they like movies or TV or gaming. Something with sound, at least, and anything with sound could use some headphones. They’re less intrusive than speakers, and some of them come with microphones built in!

You might be asking why you should pay all this extra money when you can find perfectly good headphones at the dollar store. Well, you get what you pay for: dollar store headphones break easily and offer less sound quality. It’s like the difference between VHS and DVD; functionally the same, but inferior.

The lower price of most earbuds mean they’re better as stocking-stuffers, but headphones offer far superior sound quality. However, take note of whether the receiver has glasses or not. A lot of over-ear headphones press the arms of the glasses into the wearer’s temples, making it painful to wear them for long. Earbuds are more suited for wear with glasses, unless the headphones are loose enough to not press down.


Headphones- earbuds
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MXditect 2-pack – A modest 2-pack of earbuds. The cord is covered with anti-tangle, anti-kink material, and includes a button to control calls and music as well as a slider for volume. Almost 1,000 reviews give it a solid five stars. Best of all, if you have Amazon prime you can get next-day shipping.

Aitalk E260 – For those who like to take their music on the go, these over-ear headphones keep the cord out of the way and the buds in your ears. Perfect for those that like to jog or run to music and are always complaining about their tunes falling out of their ears. Offers 2-day shipping.

SD Flayer – For something a bit pricier, these specially-designed headphones have an extra little rubber bit that braces the bud on the inside of the ear. Crystal clear sound and kink-resistant cord means only the best for your little beatmaster. Comes with a silk carrying bag and a gift box.

Shure Series – And here we have the obligatory ‘dear lord what is that price’ option, for those who were REALLY impressed by their (grand)children this year. The Shure series slips into the ear and forms a tight seal, offering noise-cancelling effects even as they improve comfort and design. The model linked, the SE215-K, features a detachable able for easy customization (but not wireless play). It also includes the option to purchase a different wire with music/call control buttons.


Headphones make a great gift
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Cowin E7 – Now on sale for $80 when they’re usually $200, these wireless headphones include a built-in microphone, noise-cancelling tech, and NFC pairing. That last one means you only need to bring the headphones close to the thing you’re trying to connect them to to make them connect. Handy! With 30 hours of battery life and coming in a gift box, these are perhaps the perfect gift – while the sale lasts.

E-Sports – In case the sale ends, these wireless headphones offer basically the same function with less quality. Connects easily with Bluetooth, has a built-in mic, and offers noise-cancelling effects. Free shipping, too!

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x/ATH-M40x – Both of these models of Audio-Technica headsets are on sale right now. I would honestly go with the M50x over the M40x, if only because the sale is for a lot more. Although these headphones don’t come with microphones, professionals everywhere praise their quality and performance. If your (grand)child is serious about their music mixing and doesn’t already have a pro setup, this is for them.

Bone Conducting Headphones

headphones - bone conducting

Smartwavez Headphones – A great advance in technology, these bone conducting headphones allow you to hear your favorite tunes, all while still allowing you to hear your surroundings. A great thing for if you’re jogging or riding a bike. This ensures you’ll hear that truck barrelling towards you at 50mph instead of feeling it.