Gadget Gift Guides: Mics

Mics make a great gift
Source: Max Pixel

The holiday season is upon us, and for the technologically disinclined, that means gift panic. Your children and/or grandchildren are scrabbling at your door for the newest gadget. The only problem is, you have no idea what to look for. You just know that whatever you get, they’ll look at it and say something like, “Oh, ew, the sound quality is terrible on this.”

Never fear.

For that movie-maker or up-and-coming YouTuber, microphones are the perfect holiday surprise. Laptop defaults don’t really cut it if you’re trying to pump out a hit YouTube series or shoot the next big blockbuster. HD quality is a must if you don’t want people to leave, and these products are…

Well, they’re not the best, but they’ll make the little tyke happy when the wrapping paper goes flying.