Stop Buying Instagram Followers and Do This Instead

Gain Instagram Followers
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Instagram can be one of the most difficult social media platforms to master when it comes to gaining followers and engaging an audience. Even if you have what you think are amazing photos, how do you go about targeting people who will love them? That’s the tricky part that causes people to break down and buy their followers. So how can you gain instagram followers?

There’s a big problem with buying followers on any social platform, though. Quality is more important than quantity. You could have thousands of followers, but what’s the point if they’re not genuinely interested in anything you post? That means no liking, commenting, or lead generation, which makes those followers pointless. This is how to do it the right way:

Follow Others in Your Industry and Interact with Them

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On Instagram especially, it’s important to follow others in your industry. For a while, you’ll probably follow more accounts than you have followers, and that’s okay. Often, if you have excellent photos that grab the attention of those you follow, they’ll follow you back. Make sure you re-gram some interesting photos from their account and give proper credit via a tag, leave genuine, meaningful comments on posts, and ‘like’ away. The more you interact on Instagram, the more others will notice your posts.

And, make use of the hashtags others in your industry use so you can target those and similar ones. By doing so, you can join in somewhat of a community with like-minded people – both industry leaders and customers who may be interested in your account and business, if you have one.

Target Those Who Already Have Interest

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Do you have other social media accounts that are doing well? If so, use them to your advantage. Ask your current network to follow your Instagram account. Just don’t be spammy about it. A quick tweet or Facebook post every few weeks is sufficient to get people to see that you have an active Instagram account without bombarding their feeds with annoying “Follow me!” requests.

You can even make it fun (and more viral-worthy!) by offering an exclusive giveaway for your current audience. Make following your Instagram one of the recommended methods for entering and offer extra entries for those who share your contest with people who might be interested.

Go the Extra Mile for Your Followers

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Don’t forget about the followers you already have! If you don’t do things they appreciate, you’ll lose them as fast as you gain them – and maybe even faster. According to Sprout Social, there are pretty deliberate reasons why people unfollow others on social media, with one of the top reasons being that a person or brand posts too many promotional photos. Others get annoyed enough to drop you when you don’t respond to them if they comment on a post or tag you in something.

So, give them what your followers want! This, of course, can differ depending on your industry. But, in general, it’s best to stay away from one-sided content as much as possible. Instead, post things that your audience can engage with. Have fun with your audience by replying to them as much as possible. And, you can even regram their photos or tag them when appropriate. They’ll feel as though you value them, which is super important for your credibility and for building a loyal fan base.