3 Ways to Get Focused in an Unfocused World

Get focused in an unfocused world
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We have smartphones and tablets. We have Facebook and Twitter at our fingertips all day long. There are distractions all around us, at every turn, and in every corner. How, then, do people expect us to stay focused at work or in school? It’s scary to think that Millennials and younger generations are the most-affected by ADHD; more than any other generation in history. That’s because, with all this awesome technology around us, we can consistently satisfy our thirst for entertainment or finding an answer to a pressing question RIGHT. NOW. Unfortunately, if we keep going down this path, we’ll find it difficult to ever stay on-task long enough to get anything productive accomplished. Here’s how to stay focused in an unfocused world:

Wake Up Early for Technology

Get focused in an unfocused world by blocking off technology time
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Clump a bunch of your technological tasks together and get them out of the way first thing in the morning. Wake up a half-hour to an hour earlier, if needed, so you aren’t cutting into work or school time. Use this time to play your favorite games on your phone, scroll through Facebook, and check emails. Then, commit to not doing any of that again through your work or school day so you can remain productive. Once you get home for the day, the choice is yours. But, if you’re not glued to your phone all day, you may soon realize you don’t have as much desire to whip it back out the moment you walk through the door.

Turn Off Distractions

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You know those notifications on your computer, tablet, and smartphone? Turn them off! When you see a notification for a new email, new post on Facebook, or your turn on your favorite game, you’ll be tempted to check it out. Turn notifications off and you’ll likely be a lot less tempted to see what word your mom just played in Words with Friends. Turning off notifications paired with setting your technology time for a set period on the morning can significantly increase productivity during the day and keep your focus where it needs to be.

Get Active

Exercise at work to improve focus
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Did you know that exercise helps you get focused? It’s true, according to experts and research. If you’ve ever taken a mid-day walk around the block and come back feeling refreshed, you know what good it does for you. Exercise enhances blood flow to your brain, which can improve your cognitive ability. Of course, the more blood you have to your brain, the more oxygen you have there, too. Oxygen is a necessity for focus – that’s why we yawn when we’re sleepy! Do what you can to exercise through the day, even if it means taking a stroll around the office on your lunch break. Just do something to get up and move. You’ll likely see some serious improvement in your focus.